Dust control

Dust is one of the biggest nuisances with which mines, railroads, barges, and utilities involved in material transport must contend.   Compounding the issue are increasingly stringent environmental and railroad regulations which mandate effective car-topping solutions. Coal dust poses health risks, damages equipment, deteriorates rail ballasts presenting a serious threat to railway track stability and integrity, and creates an environmental hazard for which railroad and mine management teams are held responsible.  MinTech’s engineered chemical applications and car-topping solutions help railroads and mines keep material transport operations safe and in service.


  • Reduces dust at least 85%
  • Prevents loss of coal or other materials
  • Lowers rail maintenance costs and lengthens ballast lifetime
  • Provides continuous dust control along the entire delivery route

Handle and transport material safely and easily with some of the lowest concentrations of acceptable topper agents, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, and dust control solutions. Don’t let dust or other material handling challenges slow down transportation of materials that keeps industries moving forward.