Stabilized Bio-Oxidant Drain Opener & Maintainer


Active-oxygen fortified drain opener and maintainer.  Devours the greases, oils, and fats that build up in kitchen drain lines and grease traps; the bodily fluids such as blood, cellulite, and tissue that build up in surgical drains; the scum and slime that build up in AC drain pans and condensate lines; and the sugars, syrups, and slime that build up in soda fountain drains, ice machine drains, and water fountain drains.

  • 100% biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-corrosive
  • Eliminates organic odors that bother neighbors and employees
  • Raises dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduces FOGs, CODs, BODs, TSSs, and their related surcharges
  • Boosts biological metabolic activity downstream at the wastewater treatment plant
  • Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulfide, preventing it from corroding metal surfaces
  • Manages the food safety risk of Listeria and fruit flies by providing a high level of drain sanitation
  • Meets the most stringent municipal wastewater requirements because it contains no surfactants, bacteria, enzymes, or solvents and actually boosts biological metabolic activity
  • Designed for use with the Momar Maintain-It-All Pump
  • USDA A3 and L1