Our company specializes in reducing wastewater deviations in institutional kitchens
From pH balance systems to chemical and biological agents to reduce abnormalities such as BOD, COD, TSS, oils and fats,
The company’s customers in this field show loyalty and high satisfaction from service and products.
Among our clients: Dan Hotels, Isrotel, Fattal, Ramada, banquet halls and more.
We apply a combination of biological and chemical know-how and products to our customers in order to achieve a significant and attractive result for our customers.
The three main products we apply successfully to our customers are:
PASSAGE – This is a highly concentrated bacteria whose precise application reduces waste values ​​such as BOD, COD, TSS and oils and fats.
Proper application of the product can reduce the number of pumping from the fat separator, reduce abnormalities and odors.
HYDROCLEAN – A highly aggressive product used mainly to clean the walls of fat separators and dissolve stubborn fatty layers.
DRAIN OX – Dissolve fatty acid to dissolve fats and open small fillings in baths and sinks.
Mainly used for the maintenance of sinks, showers and baths in hotel rooms and prevents decomposition odors in decks.