WearCheck, the largest laboratory cooperative in the world, was established in 1996 in Canada, and since then it has developed worldwide. The South African WearCheck branch is the regional franchise (Africa and the Middle East); Logia Maintenance Systems Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive representative in Israel.

As leaders in the advanced maintenance approach of which we are a part, we attach importance to transmitting the extensive know-how that we have accrued to our customers so that they will be able to use this important tool – oil analysis and wear monitoring.

In 2010 we began to send a few samples a month to the laboratory in Durban, South Africa. Today we send hundreds of samples a month. The detailed report is sent back to the customer by email within 4-7 days. This is a comprehensive and very precise report that is analyzed and controlled by the team of engineers.
The advantage of size, some 80,000 samples carried out monthly by the WearCheck analysts, provides tremendous accrued experience that is fed back to the customer as sampling that identifies anticipated breakdowns and faults in very early stages, allowing the customer to prevent serious breakdowns and to save on expensive repair costs.

To the WearCheck laboratories

  • Standards 14000, ISO 9000 and 17025
  • The sampling services provided by the laboratory
  • Industrial oils (hydraulic, gear, pumps, etc.)
  • Marine and traffic oils
  • Transformer and turbine oils
  • Cooling liquids
  • Industrial and traffic fuels
  • Advanced Prograph analyses and monitoring of wear in the filters