Industrial Oil Filtering Systems

Logia Maintenance Systems supplies oil filtering systems, based on depth filters. They are mounted on a system that sends the oil through the filter.

The systems exist in various dimensions and flow rates and can be used as a fixed filtering system attached to a machine or as a mobile system.
In the planning, we focused on creating a simple and reliable product that will provide the ideal level of cleanness with zero maintenance.
The filtering systems are planned to work continuously and without breakdowns, also in difficult environmental conditions.

Oil filters and elements

Logia Maintenance Systems Ltd. supplies quality depth filters to its customers. As opposed to a regular filter, which works with high flow rates and pressures, a depth filter works with low flow rates and pressures and filters the oil in depth. The depth filter’s principle of action differs substantially from that of the regular filters known on the market. It is sometimes also called a bypass filter because it can be mounted in an installation bypassing the main flow.

Advantages of the depth filter

  • The depth filter’s main advantage is its tremendous surface area. In comparison: the surface area of a regular filter is 1 m², as opposed to a parallel depth filter which has a surface area extending over 150 m². This difference is extremely significant in terms of the filter’s contaminant capacity.
  • Another advantage: a regular filter absorbs 100 cm³ of contaminants of one type – water or particles; in contrast, a depth filter can absorb 1500 cm³ of water and/or solid or semisolid particles.

Moreover, the depth filters adsorb 100% free water and solutes and remove particles up to a size of 1 µ. Consequently, a very high degree of cleanness can be obtained with a depth filter, and sometimes even exceeding the threshold aviation requirements.

The filter is made up of two components:

  • The filter housing – in reusable cast aluminum or zinc, demountable and transferable.
  • A filtering element – made of special chemically treated paper and tension wrapped in a way that creates unique density for the filtering element, allowing obtaining of an optimal result and a high filtering level. The filtering element adsorbs water and particles and is not sensitive to vibrations, which in a regular filter might cause release of the contaminants from the filter into the oil flow. The filtering element is disposable and cannot be recycled. It must be changed once every six months, or when it is blocked. The filters are available in various sizes: Light Duty, Heavy Duty, Super Duty.
    The filter can be assembled directly on the fuel system engine, a hydraulic system or gearbox, as long as there is pressure and flow in them.


Preparation of tenders, writing specifications, adapting of oils, consultation on storage, conservation, maintenance methods, marking of oils, monitoring of wear, proactive maintenance.

Greasing systems, monitoring of temperatures and failure points.